Nice as watch,
Useful as a smartwach

Behind a classic and elegant look, the Epoché hybrid watch hides all the functions of the most modern smartwatches. Download the app and connect it to your smartphone: you can read the messages, receive notifications of your applications, manage your meeting calendar and much more just by moving off the cuff of your shirt.
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A nice accessory or a useful watch?
From today you no longer have to choose.

Display Intelligente

Epoché is designed to withstand everything, just like you. Life is an unpredictable adventure, being smart also means always being ready to live it. For thisreasonEpoché is waterproof and withstands up to 3 ATMs; the Sapphire Glass and the steel, titanium or carbon case make it resistant and scratch-resistant.

Display Intelligente
Liberati dallo Smartphone

It often happens: in a meeting, driving, in the rain or during a meeting, you want to look at yournotifications, but you can't take your smartphone. With Epoché you just need a smoothtouch and you can read the messages on the dial with a quick look on your wrist. To notify you of any notifications your hybrid watch will take care of, with a luminous led and a slight vibration.

Liberati dallo Smartphone
Super Ricarica

Epoché is the best watch with display for energy efficiency, it is equipped with two batteries, a classic button lasting more than two years. While its smart functions are ensured by a second rechargeable battery, which lasts 7 -10 days and completes its charge in 90 minutes.

Super Ricarica
Facile ed Intuitiva

Epoché "communicates" with your smartphone thanks to the dedicated app, optimized for IOS and ANDROID systems. Thanks to the app you can manage the functions like a normal smartwatch and choose which functions to monitor through the dial. The app is designed in UX-UI for maximum ease of use.

Facile ed Intuitiva

Forget everything,

listen to you pulse.

APP Epoché

Simple and User Friendly: download the app to configure your notifications. Compatible with IOS & ANDROID


Epoché is equipped with the innovative Low Energy LSI Technology with low energy consumption

Call Contol

Check an incoming call and hang up directly with the side buttonwithout using the smartphone.


Synchronize your watch with the app and Epoché will notify you of every meetingin the calendar

APPs Notifications

Get rid of the smartphone. View and read all notifications of your apps directly on the dial.

Phone Finder

Do you often forget about your smartphone? With a side tap, finding it will be easy.

Super Battery Life

The double battery guarantees a 7 -10 day autonomy with a fast recharge of about 90 minutes.

Time Zone

Explore the world! Dual analog and digital display to set the time zone during your travels.


Always connected, even to the sea: Epoché is waterproof and withstands up to 3 ATMs

Made in Italy

Italy is world famous for its style and quality of craftsmanship.Epoché is a product totally Made in Italy, made with the best quality materials, from leather to stainless steel

Style and Elegance

The careful selection of materials, the continuous technological development and the artisan assembly are the basis of our luxury products

Your future begins here.

The Epoché+ app connects Epoché Watch to your mobile device. It manages and controls the applications integrated in your smartphone for a correct notification reading.